Professional Grading & More

For Waterman Self Storage Expansion Project

In 2023, GoodEx began a multi-phase project with Waterman Self Storage and New Venture Partners LLC on expanding their Harrisonburg self-storage facility. The project is taking place on a 5.5-acre site where fifteen storage buildings and an office building will be added to their existing four available buildings on Waterman Drive. We expect to complete the first phase of the project, eight buildings, in 2024.

What We’re Doing

In this project, GoodEx will:

  • Clear the wooded area of trees and vegetation and strip topsoil,
  • Import, place, and compact fill dirt for building pads,
  • Grade pads in preparation for building foundations,
  • Install two bioretention ponds with a total surface area of 3,300 sq ft, and
  • Install a stormwater control system of drop inlets, piping and large detention pond