Precise Paving

Starts with Proper Site Preparation.

Every paving project requires precise site preparation to ensure a quality, long-lasting surface. GoodEx prepares and paves smooth and level asphalt, concrete or gravel driveways, parking lots, roads, building pads and more.

Our Site Preparation

Services Set The Stage.

Site preparation is crucial to create a properly paved space. Here are the steps we take to set the stage for success:

We visit the site, collect detailed plans and create a digital model of the desired grade or slope in our computer system.

We remove vegetation and debris, and if there are existing layers of asphalt or concrete, we remove or repair those to create smooth surfaces.

We create channels or slopes to ensure water flows away from the paved surface, protecting its integrity and increasing longevity.

We use state-of-the-art GPS technology that precisely controls the equipment’s movements to ensure the site is graded accurately according to the model and specifications. A precise base saves you money in asphalt or stone expenses and prevents future issues like unevenness or cracking.

When requested, we install curbs or borders along edges to keep the paving materials in place and provide a neat, finished look.

GoodEx installs gravel driveways and works with subcontractors to prepare for and place asphalt. The surface is then compacted with heavy rollers to eliminate air pockets and ensure a smooth surface.

After your newly paved area has properly cured, we provide line striping and ADA signage as required.